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Silette Record. Instruction Manual Agfa Silette L Camera 1957: . What does Silette mean? The original Silette appeared in 1953. The Super Silette range, as the name suggests, was a more advanced camera that the original Silette viwefinder type, adding rangefinder and light meter options. Good quality of build.

The range of lenses included the same Color Apotar 45/3. Around 1970 the camera series got a more modern body and the red sensor point as release button. Access Free Agfa Super Isolette Manual AGFA Camera Instruction Manuals - Butkus Agfa Super Isolette (75mm f/3. It belongs to the long lasting Silette series.

8/50mm In 1958, the Silette LK was a cheaper variant of the SL, with an Agfa Color Apotar 2. The corresponding rangefinder models were called Super Silette. Some of the later models got a similar body like the fully automatic Optima, for example the Super Silette LK. The next page contains information on this camera. The range of shutters went from the simple Pronto (1/25-1/200) to the better Compur Rapid or Synchro Compur (1/500), with the Prontor (1/300) in between. Agfa Silette Camera Manual :: Photo-Manuals.

The Silette LK sensor cameras were late examples of cameras with selenium meter. Agfa Silette LK Sensor is a 35mm film viewfinder camera made by Agfa Germany. Some overview: The original users manual can be viewed here:. It was probably the shortest and softest shutter release pressure in its time. Find the user manual you need for your camera and more at ManualsOnline. In the USA, it was known as the Ansco Memar. Receive a high quality printed and bound manual in days.

Manufactured by Agfa Kamerawerk AG, Munich, West Germany Model: c. Still available at local retailers. Silette LK Sensor(with 2 types, 19) 9. Back to Camera List. 8 -f /22, stepless allowing for easy adjustment with the TTL meter setting: ring and scale on the back of the lens Focusing: front ring manual. Silette I(1962) 3.

Prontor SLK to 1/3. It is a simple, well-built 35mm camera with a viewfinder, a leaf shutter, a lever wind advance and an accessory shoe. Super Silette L.

Introduced in 1969, it belongs to the long-lasting Silette series. It is the Silette-LK and came with a variety of optional lens and shutter configurations. Agfa Super Silette Agfa Solina: Agfa SelectaflexAgfa Super Solinette.

One day, while searching for a low-cost addition to my camera collection on a popular bidding site, I came across a 1980’s viewfinder camera from a very well known German brand. I lk bought my Agfa Super Silette camera because I thought it looked nice! I thought it was a fine piece. Agfa Silette SL : Agfa Silette Automatic Agfa CLACK 6X9 - Blitzer: Agfa Karat. VTG AGFA 35mm Color - Apotar Silette -LK Manual Camera. 8 and Color Solinar 50/2. Repair the rangefinder housing.

USA, Centennial Photo Service,. The typing is as to McKeown&39;s. Silette F(1963) 6. 00: AGF-196: Instruction. 8/45mm, or a four element Agfa Color Solinar 2. Comfortable and easy to use and nice looking. After 1959 many Silettes adopted a taller, un-stepped top housing, resembling the fully automatic Optima: for example, the Super Silette LK. 8, but the top of the line was Color Solagon 2/50mm six-element lens.

If the image below looks like. This was purchased in Holland 1969. Working When Tested ( Shutter. 35mm Camera Made In Germany 45mm f2. The lens range comprised the usual Color Apotar 45/3.

What is the color of the Silette LK? Silette II(1963) 4. See full list on camera-wiki. The Silette LK Sensor is a rather late example of a camera using a selenium metercell. Super Silette(with 2 types, 19) 12. Today the original Super Silette with the Color Solagon on the Synchro Compur is considered the most desirable model of the Silette fixed lens family. Click & Collect. VINTAGE AGFA SILETTE-LK 35 MM FILM CAMERA AND CASE.

agfa silette manual 35mm old,needs attention have not used since 1961. McKeown&39;s Price Guide to Antique and Classic Cameras, 12th Edition,. 4 lense but it worked. Agfa Optima 200: Agfa Instructions for Color Plate Agfa Optima 535 (Dutch langage) Agfa Isola 6X6 Agfa PARAMAT 18X24 Agfa Isola I 6X6 Agfa Optima 335 Electronic Sensor Agfa. 5 lens in a Prontor SVS 1 to 1/300 second shutter with self-timer. The Silette 1 has a simple lens and shutter assembly, with a lever type shutter button on the side. 00: AGF-015: Instruction Manual Agfa Silette-Rapid-I Camera: .

Ambi Silette. Agfa Silette-LK Viewfinder 35mm film camera w/ Agfa Color Agnar 45mm f/2. Agfa Super Silette-LK Rangefinder with a 45mm f/2. Silette Automatic(1958) 5. The exposure meter is displayed at. Silette SLE.

Super Silette LK. Included was a Sekonic 85 light metre and manual. 8 - f22 Manual Front Element, Three Zone Focus Prontor LK Shutter Speeds B, 1/30-1/200 Sec. frby Sylvain Halgand. Super Silette Automatic. 8 lens & Telephoto Aux. · To use the self timer, you MUST have the shutter cocked. 5 Lens 12 19 Share Tweet.

What is a Silette LK sensor? · The lens was the Color Solinar 2. Vintage Camera Agfa Super Silette Lk. Click pictures for larger versions. In the USA, the camera was known as the Ansco Memar. 00: AGF-153: Instruction Manual Agfa Silette Record Type 2620 Camera: . com from Süleymandemir.

Agfa Silette LK Sensor instruction manual. . com In French: 1. 00: AGF-004: Instruction Manual Agfa Silette LK Camera: . Agfa Silette Prontor SVS 35mm Camera & Original Leather Case.

The first generation of Silette models was produced from 1953 to the early 1960s. Around 1969 the Silette series adopted Agfa&39;s red "sensor" release button and got a completely squared-off body style. 100% guarantee on all orders.

The lens is a three-element Color Apotar 3. Camera shake is reduced so effectively. 8/45mm, or a four-element Color Solinar 2. ISBNhardcover). Silette Rapid I.

The range of shutters went from the Pronto (1/25-1/200) to the better Compur Rapid or Synchro Compur (1/500), with the Prontor (1/300) in between. The Smooth Agfa Silette LK Sensor 10 15 Share Tweet. Agfa Silette Guide Several versions of Silette cameras: Agaf Optima IIIS Agfa Silette LK Sensor. Launched the same year, the Silette Automatic (named Silette SLE at the beginning) was a better evolution with a collimated viewfinder and the meter reading visible inside.

Agfa Silette PDF manual from www. The original Super Silette is the same body with a coupled rangefinder. This review will tell you everything there is to know about the Silette LK sensor and how to handle it to make sure that you snap super pictures! Silette SL. 8 Color Agnar Lens f2. 1958 Agfa Silette LK Camera. Agfa Silette LK Sensor Posted 12-28-&39;06. 5mm screw-in or 32mm slip-on filters, twelve exposures on 120 film, 29.

The Silette range from Agfa covered a large number of cameras and ran from the 1950s through to the 1970s. 00: AGF-147: Instruction Manual Agfa Silette-L Camera (German) . The original Silette appeared in 1953 and was a simple yet well built 35mm camera with a simple viewfinder, a leaf shutter, a lever wind advance and an accessory shoe. 8, but the top of the line was represented by the Agfa Color Solagon 2/50mm six element lens. We have been in business for over 40 years and have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. Silette is a name used by the German maker Agfa from 1953 to 1974 to designate successive generations of 35mm fixed-lens viewfinder cameras. Agfa Silette Pronto with Apotar 3.

This Super Silette L is equipped with a. I have just purchased an Agfa Super Silettte from a charity shop for £7. In the USA, the original Super Silette was known as the Ansco Super M. 8 lens renders sharp images, viewfinder is clear and bright. Go here to see the owners manual, and make sure you tip the site owner. Super Silette Automatic with Color-Solinar 1:2. Manufactured around 1956, this model is fitted with an Apotar 45mm f/3. Read PDF Agfa Super Isolette Manual AGFA Camera Instruction Manuals - Butkus Agfa Super Isolette (75mm f/3.

Vintage Camera Agfa Super Silette 35MM Manual Range Finder Untested. Agfa Silette Rapid - I Agfa Silette Agnar 2. Camera manuals and free digital camera pdf instructions. Agfa Silette type 5 description. 1970, (all models of Silette produced betweenAgfa logo on the front of the camera: black relief 35 mm film Viewfinder camera Lens:Agfa Color - Agnar 45mm f/2. · Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Vintage Agfa Silette SL Camera with Leather Case and Manual at the best online prices at eBay! .

Agfa Silette LK Sensor is a 35mm film viewfinder camera made by Agfa, Germany and introduced in 1969. · Uses 35mm film. 8 Agfa Silette Apotar Agfa Silette Agnar 3. After that, simply push the small lever up to the V setting.

The lenses was either silette lk manual a three element Agfa Color Apotar 3. Built In Selenium Cell Light Meter Mirrored View Finder With Bright Line Frame Lever Wind 35mm Film Load Camera In Good, Clean Condition. Get the best deals on Agfa 35 mm Manual Film Cameras when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. Agfa Silette LK, Color-Agnar 2. The meter is spotty, but worked well enough for my test roll of negative film. 8, the Silette LK was a cheaper variant of the SL, with an Agfa Color Apotar 2. This Silette LK is an example of one of the latest LK:s.

Silette LK(with 3 types, 1958, 1959, 1963) 8. Today the original Super Silette with the Color Solagon on the Synchro Compur is considered the most desirable model of the Silette fixed-lens family. Agfa CLACK 6X9 - silette lk manual Blitzer: Agfa Karat 36 - German. What is a Silette range?

See full list on camerapedia. 8/45mm lens and a Pronto LK 15-250 shutter. Agfa Silette Repairby Richard Wrede (railcrew2) 3.

Check out our silette selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. The camera has a built-in dual-range uncoupled exposure meter. The case is a little bit scratched up but the camera seems to be in good working order. Agfa Silette LK printed camera manual. Agfa Super Silette LK printed camera manual. Note. If you aren&39;t completely happy just return the manual for a full refund. Agfa Super Silette L description.

Photograph from Camerapedia. All manual settings function and speeds tested as accurate when bought from Blue Moon abou. After delivery and a test roll, I discovered I had a dud. Agfa Super Silette rangefinder camera with synchro-compur shutter and solagon 50mm f/2 lens. 5 Solinar lens, 29.

Silette Rapid F. The camera was supplied with an ever ready case and a push on 30mm UV filter. ISBN. This is a nice little fixed lens rangefinder to get you rolling with film.

Here is some information I found: a common name of a large amount of silette lk manual cameras silette lk manual made by Agfa Kamerawerk. See more results. · Other versions; quite a few similar models out there, go here for a list of all the Agfa Silette models.

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